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Why You Should Still Be Wearing Sunscreen

Why You Should Still Be Wearing Sunscreen

     Fall is for sure here. But, we’re asking you to take out your beach bag one last time and grab that sunscreen. We know that you have applied the correct amount of SPF all summer long, because who wants sun damage? Not us. But, did you know that you should be applying sunscreen all year long? It’s true... and here’s why. 

     Everyone wants to keep their skin healthy and youthful looking. But, the pool and the beach are not the only places or times you should be protecting your skin. Applying sunscreen daily is an extremely effective and important way to start taking care of your skin properly to prevent the appearance of damage later. The sun’s UV rays are strong all year long, even when the weather isn’t so hot. The sun's ultraviolet UV rays even penetrate through windows- in the office, home, and car- so you may be getting exposed even if you're not outdoors. What's more: sand, concrete, and water (as well as ice and snow in winter) can reflect up to 85% of UV rays.

      Protection from the sun is your key to ageless beauty. Applying every day, year round, will help prevent a lot of damage from the sun. It will help decrease or delay the visibility of wrinkles and sun spots. It will also help prevent cancers caused by too much exposure to the sun. A good sunscreen overall will help with the elasticity of your skin over time. So, be sure to apply a daily SPF, applied in the morning after you cleanse your face or before your makeup, and remember to touch up during the day to keep yourself protected during daylight hours. 

      Your skin is the first barrier against pollution, the sun, disease and many other aging factors, and after wearing SPF, you are going to want to give your skin a good cleaning. Shop our Vitamin C Face Wash, crafted to gently remove grime, makeup and daily pollutants with a medley of vitamin C ingredients. Use this in your morning and nighttime routine to keep your skin clean and luminous. 

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