Interested in being an affiliate partner with Joanna Vargas? You can sell our products and collect a healthy commission that is above the market competition!

Here are the details with a brief Q & A 

Follow the prompts on Rakuten. Signing up is simple and quick!

Commission payouts range from 10-15% based on performance and the individual relationship agreement. 

We use Rakuten Affiliate Network and they pay out on a Net 60 schedule.

Once you become a publisher on Rakuten, you can either ask us to create affiliate links for you or use the deep linking tool to create a link of your own. You can then paste that link anywhere you'd like on your Instagram for example or even just share the link with friends. Please reach out to if you'd like a unique discount code to provide to your audience. 

Any content in breach of the following: harassment, racism, adult content, politics. Just talk about skin care!


Based on FTC guidelines, please be sure to convey in a clear and concise manner that you are an affiliate and are receiving a commission for any sales promoted in your content. See this article for more information if needed.

All terms are subject to change.