Customized Facials: The Secret To Healthy, Youthful And Radiant Skin

  1. The Joanna Vargas microcurrent facial is a proven way to lift, firm, smooth out wrinkles and accentuate cheek bones. This facial restores youthful skin or prevents premature aging. $250 and up.
  2. LED Light Therapy stimulates collagen & elastin production making the skin supple, youthful and glowing. This is a natural and innovative spa treatment for keeping you looking younger, longer and its Hollywood's secret for age-reversing effects. $150 and up.
  3. The Joanna Vargas oxygen facial is the easiest way to get healthy skin that glows. This facial hydrates, nourishes and restores a dead, dull complexion turning it soft and glowing. This is the first step to a flawless complexion. $250 and up.
  4. Additionally, incorporate a serious skin care routine with products that have been proven and tested for results in all of Joanna Vargas' facials. This tightly edited line of products multitasks, crafted with simple ingredients in an innovative way to really make a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

The Experts: Joanna Vargas and her team will supercharge your routine and give you the skin you always wanted. Healthy, Youthful and Radiant. Fill out the form on the top right, receive your discount and get started today.

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Conquer Aging

Breakthrought full body led light therapy
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Ground breaking
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The Ultimate Oxygen Facial

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