Why Now is the Best Time to Get Laser

Why Now is the Best Time to Get Laser

     Warmer weather is very close here in New York City, but with a couple more weeks of struggling with this chilly weather, we recommend getting a facial to resurface your skin before you start hanging out in the sun more often (with SPF on of course). There are certain treatments that are best to do in the colder months due to drier skin and less exposure to the sun as the down time to some treatments can be longer or more invasive than others. For example, facials that include Microneedling like our Twilight Facial or laser, like our Clear + Brilliant. 

     Being pretty much trapped in our house for the last year, we are hoping to get out there this summer and catch up with people we haven’t seen. Therefore, our skin needs to be in tip top condition. We need all the grime and winter dry skin removed, we need a plumped look and most importantly blemish-free and glowing skin. 

     Our Clear + Brilliant treatment is more than just a laser, Joanna crafted a full facial around this award-winning laser therapy. 

  • It’s perfect for spring, to enhance skin tone, improve skin texture & increase skin’s permeability post-treatment to boost the benefits of your skincare. 
  • Experience a luxury setting, and our famous soothing pre- and post- treatment facial techniques 

 Plus, each Clear + Brilliant facial ends with a 20 minute session in Joanna's patented Revitalight LED Bed to expedite healing and skin rejuvenation.

     And more! If you are in the New York City area we highly recommend stopping in for this treatment before the warm weather and Sunlight sneaks up on you. Plus, first time clients get 15% off

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