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Why is Argan Oil So Popular?

Why is Argan Oil So Popular?
According to the Moroccan sourced oil had been applied to hair and skin in the North African region for centuries due to its medicinal and health-inducing properties. It gives both skin and hair a silken youthful appearance in ways that are difficult to achieve with average products. 16301576_m While argan has been a traditional cosmetic of the nomadic Berbers this oil, that can only be processed by hand, has only recently achieved popularity in the West. While only two products were on store shelves in 2007, more than 100 were available by 2011! Initially the high cost made this supreme face care solely available to the most economically resourceful. But now many cheap imitations have flooded the market, so beware! Staying informed about the best natural skincare options is the most promising way to maintain healthy ageless skin so read on... What is the Best Argan Oil to Use on Skin? The best argan oil is generally found in cosmetics that source 100% argan, free of contaminants and chemical ingredients that are abundant in your typical pharmacy grade cosmetics. Leading moisturizers and serums include the finest pure oil that cannot be found in many products that often include synthetic fillers. Generally high end face care take first priority with distributors of this ultra luxurious ingredient. Check the labels for artificial additives that can actually break down dermal health rather than boost it. If you can’t recognize or pronounce most of the ingredients beyond Argania spinosa (the latin name for argan oil) then you may want to reconsider the product and find a more desirable organic alternative. If you’re still in doubt about where to look, oftentimes in-the-know aestheticians can offer the best advice to source the most effective natural skin care ingredients. So be sure to inquire at your next facial appointment. Because it is an extremely labor intensive process to draw the argan kernel from the nut of this tree, that is indigenous to Morocco and the Northern African region, expect a higher price tag for the deluxe oil that is in very high demand. The mild nutty smelling elixir is produced by hand-extraction, so it is well worth every cent you will invest to protect and pamper your skin. Whenever possible avoid argan oil sold in plastic or clear containers that will not preserve the nutrients or prevent degradation. If you’ve spent a pretty penny on your oil the bottle will generally be dark or opaque to maintain the nutritive properties within. How does Argan Oil Help Skin? With unusually rich fatty acid content (including oleic, linoleic, palmetic, linolenic and stearic acids) argan has been applied as a reliable treatment for dry flaky skin as well teenage acne, so it is perfect for skin of all ages. It helps soothe inflammation to achieve a visibly smooth and clear complexion. As it fills fine lines and wrinkles it actually makes the skin look more youthful and radiant. The good news is you only need a few drops of argan to reap the full fortifying benefits. Gently massaging it into the surface of the skin daily delivers essential moisture that is critical with the onset of colder weather. It also surpasses the antioxidant strength of olive olive to protect your face from environmental stresses. So if you cherish your skin do indulge! Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology from New Mexico State University-- now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC. Otherwise exploring the national museum scene... ]]>

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