Wedding Skin Care: Here's What to Do Whether You're a Month Out or Getting Married Next Week

Wedding Skin Care: Here's What to Do Whether You're a Month Out or Getting Married Next Week by Petra Guglielmetti With so many skin treatments out there—peels and LED light and lasers, oh my!—planning your wedding skin care routine can be (almost) as overwhelming and confusing as tackling your seating chart. So we got celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, to break down the perfect pre-wedding skin care routine for you (these recommendations are based on treatments she offers in her own salon, but you can find similar offerings at a spa near you or at a dermatologist's office). Here's what she recommends you do if your wedding is... wedding-skin-care-w724 4 weeks away: "Typically, a month before the wedding, the bride is stressed and everything she has so carefully planned is coming together relentlessly," Vargas says. Thus, she recommends a deep pore cleansing to de-clog pores and prevent future blemishes so your skin will be smooth on your big day. "Having one four weeks out will give the skin time to heal," she explains. "I would follow with an LED light session so the pores start to shrink and you can get the skin even-toned and perfect for the big day." 3 weeks away: Want to try a fancy new treatment to wake your skin up? Vargas suggests that three weeks out you could have the first of three microcurrent facials. "It de-puffs you and takes the tired out of your eyes, no matter how much rest you have gotten," she says. This is also a good time to get a resurfacing fruit-acid peel, which you could follow with an LED light treatment to really get glowing. 2 weeks away: Two weeks out, "I would do an LED Light treatment plus oxygen. LED works in a series. The more you do, the more the pores shrink and the better your skin looks," Joanna says. "The oxygen is awesome for bringing a great glow to the skin, which is so important with all the stress and pollution we subject it to." A few days away: Get your final microcurrent facial, if you started doing a series. "Many brides end up trying to manage stress with wine this last week, which leads to puffiness," Joanna says. Microcurrent will make you look de-puffed; it will make your cheekbones high and your jaw and neck really perfect for pictures. This is my favorite facial to give to anyone before a big day like a wedding or red carpet." The best part? There's no downtime like there is with regular pore-cleansing facials. Tomorrow! "Morning of, I would use my Exfoliating Mask in the shower. It will brighten your skin before makeup," Joanna suggests. "Under your makeup, I would use the Daily Serum. It's really great for oxygenating the skin and giving you a rosy glow. It's so easy too because it goes on the face neck and eyes." What's your wedding skin care routine like? Do you plan to try any of the treatments Joanna Vargas mentions here? Photo: Mark Leibowitz]>>