We Love Our Dawn Face Mask

We Love Our Dawn Face Mask

We are currently crushing on our new Dawn Brightening Face Mask! Our Dawn Face Mask isn’t just your average face mask. It is an exfoliating face mask. This face mask is infused with cherry blossom and vitamin C to help calm, hydrate, and brighten your skin. This face mask will seriously be your new best friend. If you want to switch things up a bit and try a different way to exfoliate your face instead of a scrub, our Dawn Face Mask is the perfect answer. Added chamomile instantly reduces the look of redness caused by dehydration and sun exposure. 

“No matter your skin type, vitamin C is a naturally soothing ingredient depending on what the formula is, and it's typically very anti-inflammatory. It helps protect your skin against cell mutations from the sun and pollution. I also love mandelic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid that's in my Dawn Face Mask with vitamin C combined. It's good for getting brightening going on when you combine it with the benefits of vitamin C.” Joanna Vargas

Vitamin C is something your skin needs to thrive. Your skin is not able to produce vitamin C on its own, therefore it should be added through the product you use.

"This mask has mandelic acid along with vitamin C, so it's both exfoliating and healing, which is perfect for people with acne and scarring.” -Joanna Vargas

The mandelic acid in the Dawn Face Mask helps delicately exfoliate the skin to leave it soft, smooth, even and refreshed. If you're wondering if this mask will complement your skin… it is formulated for all skin types. 

A smoother, firmer complexion is on its way!