Wash Your Face Before Bedtime: How to Wash Your Face, When to Do It and What to Use.

Wash Your Face Before Bedtime: How to Wash Your Face, When to Do It and What to Use.
Teen Vogue, “While we sleep, the body repairs damage that has occurred during the day." If you don’t wash your face and apply your skincare products at night, it will prevent your skin from absorbing all the nutrients they contain at their fullest. Your body absorbs more of the benefits from your products when you sleep then at any other time of day. Here’s what goes down if you don’t wash before bed: If you’ve been wearing a face full of makeup all day and do not fully wash it off you are doomed for a breakout. Not only will the actual makeup be a culprit, but it will also harbor bacteria to make things worse. This will lead to major pore-clogging which will turn into severe, painful and deep within the skin acne called cystic acne. Long term effects: Not only will not washing lead to short-term acne breakouts, but the long-term effects are even more concerning. Makeup can be magnetic to sweat and pollutants which can penetrate the skin substantially. Here’s a few tips on how to wash your face:
  1. Before cleansing, use a good makeup remover. Joanna says, “I like a makeup remover that contains calendula flower extract because it cleans well and is very calming for the skin."
  1. Vargas recommends following makeup remover with a good gentle foaming cleanser, like her Vitamin C Face Wash, $40. This cleanser will wash away the dirt and build up. The Miracle Bar, $22 - our charcoal soap that draws out impurities and toxins. This soap is cleansing enough for the whole body in addition to your face, and is great for sensitive skin. Fun fact: Charcoal holds up to 1000 times its weight in toxins for detoxifying your whole face and body.
  1. When drying your skin, don’t rub, pat the skin with a clean/unused washcloth or paper towel. Rubbing the skin can cause redness and pulls at the skin which threatens the elasticity.
  1. Avoid washing your face with hot water - If the water is too hot it can really mess with your skin’s natural oils and lead to over-drying which causes the skin to overproduce sebum. Go for cold water or lukewarm water.
  1. Don’t exfoliate too often: It is best to exfoliate only 2-3 times a week, which is why Joanna Vargas created an Exfoliating Mask,$75. This incredibly effective product will polish your skin by removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh, bright skin. This mask is a facial in a jar, using fruit enzymes to refine your pores and soften your skin with every use. Read more on the importance and best practices for exfoliating when you read our blog: NEW YEAR, NEW SKIN! EXFOLIATION: 7 REASONS THIS SINGLE RITUAL WILL TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN FOR THE ULTIMATE COMPLEXION...
Moral of the story? Wash before bed, morning glory...]>>