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New Year, New Skin! Exfoliation: 7 Reasons This Single Ritual Will Transform Your Skin For The Ultimate Complexion

New Year, New Skin! Exfoliation: 7 Reasons This Single Ritual Will Transform Your Skin For The Ultimate Complexion
glowing complexion. This is because exfoliation will unlock your skin's potential by triggering the skin's healing mechanism. This steps tricks the skin into thinking that it is being injured and sends signals to your skin to begin healing itself. Leaving your skin, clean, clear and glowing. ExfoliatingMagic For the perfect exfoliation routine, follow these two steps: Polish your skin with the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask. This exquisite treatment uses fruit derived enzymes, exotic volcanic ash, and mineral-rich clay to draw out impurities through the power of mother nature. Use this mask two times per week to exfoliate your dead skin cells to reveal your complexion’s true brilliance and glow. Think of this mask as your skin’s housekeeper. Let it do the sweeping while your skin does the reaping... Ready, set, GLOW. Follow this with the Dawn Face Mask, Joanna’s magic-Mandelic-Acid-treatment to sweep skin clean, leaving it smooth and soft. 1. Exfoliating clears the path for new skin cells while washing away the old, leaving your skin smoother then ever while improving its tone. 2. This magical ritual will minimize pores and prevent them from getting larger. How? Dirt and dead skin cells cause your pores to expand in order to accommodate the build up. Exfoliating will remove the debris, minimizing your pores while preventing them from expanding further. 3. Struggle with acne? Exfoliating will reduce breakouts and clear acne by eliminating excess oil. 4. Anti-Aging Weapon: Exfoliating fights the signs of aging by helping with the appearance of wrinkles and preventing them from deepening. 5. Amplifies the absorption of products: Get the most bang for your buck by exfoliating first to reap the maximum benefits from your skincare products that follow. Allow the nutrients of JV serums and creams to penetrate your skin, providing a skin conditioning like never before... 6. Exfoliating is even more essential for winter weather. The dryness of your skin’s surface reflects the dryness of the weather outside. Your skincare routine is your face’s winter coat... Keep it cozy! 7. DIY Lip Exfoliator: It’s important to exfoliate from head to toe, so here’s a fun and easy way to make your own lip scrub exfoliator: Equal parts brown sugar and honey, then add enough olive oil to create a scrub-like consistency. Pucker up and rub it on for about 90 seconds, and then rinse! Happy Exfoliating, Happy Skin, Happy New Year!]>>

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