Transition Your Spa Routine to Fall

Transition Your Spa Routine to Fall

Summer is ending and the weather is starting to cool, which means it’s time to think about adjusting your spa and skincare routines. Here are Joanna’s tips for your next fall treatment day at our New York or Los Angeles Spas:

Exfoliate and hydrate the face: SuperNova Facial

This treatment removes debris built up over the summer and sends you into cooler temps with a hydrated base.

Exfoliate and Hydrate the body: Double Happiness

A diamond-tipped wand refreshes the body after being exposed to elements all summer, and of course hydrates from shoulder to toe.

Heal the skin from too much sun: Sleeping Beauty

LED is key for rejuvenating skin, repairing it by 300% each session and building collagen for long-term benefits.

Heal the soul (LA edition): The Soak

An extra 30 minutes to yourself before heading back into LA LA land - the Soak is our LA exclusive soul-healing experience.

Heal the soul (NY edition): Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

An extra 60 minutes to yourself before heading back into the big apple- the action of an Oxygen Chamber is to heal from within. Just breathe in and let the oxygen do the work.

In fall, clients always regroup to get a revised skincare plan with their estheticians. Book your next treatment today and we will get a custom plan created for your specific skincare and body care needs in mind. Contact us today: New York location or Los Angeles location.