Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

Most of the skin care regimens you observe during the hot months of summer will no longer be sufficient when the weather turns cooler. Elevated levels of moisture and humidity that are present in the summer, diminish as fall arrives causing our skin to require extra hydration. So, if you use a sheer moisturizer or serum in the summer months, you'll want to switch to a richer, more nourishing cream for the fall and winter. Also remember to exfoliate on a regular schedule according to the needs of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliating more than once per week will probably be too much. This is an important step because layers of dead skin tend to build up over the summer and fall is the perfect time to debut the younger, fresher looking skin that's hiding out beneath. Exfoliating also unclogs pores and keeps your skin appearing fresh and refined.

Always protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, no matter the season. When the sun seems hazy or the sky overcast UV rays are still beaming down and will wreak havoc on your skin unless you protect it with a broad spectrum sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher. Check moisturizers and foundations for their level of protection, as most contain protection greater than the recommended minimum SPF 15.

While paying the necessary extra attention to your facial skincare routine, don't forget the rest of your body. Fall is a great time to implement a dry brushing regimen. Dry body brushing is a great way to improve the appearance of your skin. There are lots of simple dry brushing routines, accompanied by the necessary information to get started, available online. Just enter "dry skin brushing" into your search engine to locate learning resources.

Take some time at the arrival of each new season to sort through and clean out your makeup. Most experts and cosmetic companies recommend that mascara be used no more than three months due to the risk of eye infection associated with older products. Mascara is prone to dry out quickly due to the action of removing and replacing the wand each time we use it. Never add water to mascara as this presents the opportunity for bacteria to be introduced.

Cooler weather presents a great opportunity to switch from lip gloss to a rich and boldy colored lipstick. It's also fun to experiment with different looks you probably wouldn't try during the summer months such as the smoky eye. Darker nails are stylish in the fall and winter months and don't think that bronzer is just for summer. Switch to a slightly pinker or apricot shade and use it to maintain a healthy glow all throughout the season. This is especially important a few weeks in when your natural summer glow begins to fade.

Utilizing these simple tips will take you easily from summer into fall and keep you looking your gorgeous best!

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