Top Models Best Beauty Secrets

Jean Kerr, quite the realist, called it like it is and I happen to agree. What do you want to do in order to enhance your natural external beauty? During this summer I read in Glamour magazine the world's best kept beauty secret from 5 supermodels. And you'll realize much as I did, even supermodels and genetic gods have a skin care routine. Genetic Gods And Supermodels Model Jasmine Tookes says her mother taught her this trick for hot summer days. "On hot California days I like to wash my face with cold water, then run an ice cube over it to help shrink pores." Another sure-fire way to help shrink pores is to get regular facials with extractions. These type of facials employee many different cleansers to remove all the gunk from your pores that normally enlarge them. Melbourne native and model Jessica Hart knows how to defy gravity. The city gets upwards of 300 sunny days per year. She says: "In sunny Australia we know the best way to fight gravity is with your sunscreen. Rub it on in an upward motion." I would also like to add that no matter the season you should always use a sunscreen as even in the winter your skin is aged by UV and UVA rays. Model Flaviana Matata loves this homemade body scrub, NOT face: Blend cinnamon powder, brown sugar and a drop of sunflower oil, swipe on, scrub, inhale the scent, rinse off. I think this is a perfect way to keep your body smooth as sugar produces glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin. And also you can change the oil to be a vegetable glycerin or avocado oil to moisten the sugar. Give your skin a rest is the advice of Luisa Bianchin. She says: "German women believe that less is more. I agree! So no piling on the products." I believe the way you can give your skin a break is by using mineral makeup. You can usually achieve a natural look without piling it on. Model Jia Jing gives us a much needed hair beauty secret. She says: "What I learned from the women at home in China is how to eat your way to healthy, shiny hair." She recommends snacking on walnuts and black sesame seeds and according to her both are hair miracles thanks to their natural oils. Also, walnuts and black sesame are well known Asian anti-wrinkle beauty foods. Eating for beauty and taking care of your skin is essential through your journey called life. Doing so will give you skin that is vibrant, healthy and with a youthful glow. Allowing you to feel more beautiful and confident at every turn. And as always I look forward to seeing you at the salon where we can assist you in getting the skin you always wanted. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care]>>