Top 3 Winter Treatments

Top 3 Winter Treatments

January may be over but winter is in full swing. You can still shine through the season with our top glow-reviving treatments for winter. These are ranked by the frequency of bookings both in our NYC and LA locations. Meaning, your favorite treatment to keep you looking and feeling good all throughout the winter. 

1. SuperNova Facial: It’s our go-to exfoliating and hydrating facial. But did you know it includes an iconic gold mask that floods the skin with the deepest levels of collagen-loving moisture? There's no other treatment out there that will give results with zero redness or down-time. The results are an instant and long-term youthful complexion.

2. LED Bed: This one is for your skin and muscles. Infrared light heals cold-battered skin, while non-UV light increases collagen and elastin, promoting muscle healing. Developed by NASA, FDA-approved and patented by Joanna herself, this full-body bed increases collagen production by up to 300%. It's a no-brainer for healthy, happy skin and muscles. 

3. Body Booster: Everyone is adding this on to their facials this season, to promote lymphatic drainage. Meaning, better blood flow, a detoxed body, and more energy. And since it does the work during your facial, you're maximizing your time and efforts, so you can be glowing in a New York minute.

Book your winter solution services now, you'll leave feeling refreshed, rehydrated, and revitalized! 

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