The Girl with the Fresh Face: Rooney Mara

fresh-face girl from Bedford, New York, could play the edgy dark computer hacker, Lisabeth Salander, in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But Rooney Mara took that role and gave it her own cutting bite—she truly became the character and the character becomes her. The film based on the internationally acclaimed trilogy, Millenium, is getting eye popping attention with Rooney front and center—the beaming star. Born in 1985 to a football legacy on both sides of the family, Rooney didn’t officially step into acting before graduating from New York University where she studied social policy and psychology. Yes, one of those thinking ladies—she is. You would never guess that this ghostly gothic figure and Rooney Mara can be the one and the same. But her role has a sensual appeal and as she moves with slick force, you can’t help but fall for her as a powerful representation of women. The eerily attractive glow of her translucent skin harkens the best blood-sucking flicks we couldn’t get enough of. She gives a spit-fire performance in the much anticipated thriller that has the crowds seduced. Then you see this striking Irish-Italian actress off screen and she has a beauty that is fragile in comparison to her role. For her transformative role Mara chopped off and died her hair ebony black, then bleached her eyebrows—changes so extreme she seems amazed by her own image in the end. In her November Vogue interview she said she had to re-pierce her ears, among other bodily parts, from holes that closed since she was a mere 12 year-old girl. This vixen once had a “girlie, frilly” style but hadn’t worn a dress in four years, and then all that changed with movie premieres… We see Rooney with smoky eyes and hints of lip color, maintaining a femme fatale gorgeousness that appears effortless. She steps out in style with minimal makeup at an Italian premier that wows and nearly subjugates the masses. Everyone wants a piece of this gamine beauty. The Rooney Mara 1-minute beauty regimen keeps her a natural looking lady, according to her December Allure interview. It’s quite a simple one really: She uses a tinted moisturizer Adds some concealer if needed, Powders her face Rooney applies a blush stick to her lips And most important, she doesn’t leave the house without SPF to shield her alabaster skin from UV damage. In addition to her acting career, Uweza Foundation is a charitable organization Ms. Mara oversees that provides support to children and families in the impoverished Kibera community, located in Nairobi, Kenya. So Rooney Mara takes beauty to heart and, at the same time, radiates pure fire in her latest cinematic role.]>>