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The Best Skin Care Products Feature Borage Oil

The Best Skin Care Products Feature Borage Oil
the best skin care products feature the oil for its soothing age-defying properties. What Nutrients are found in Borage Oil? If your goal is to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of maturing skin, this flowery oil can be found in face oils and natural skin care products as it features some of the richest fatty acids to that effect. Omega-6 fatty acid and Gamma linoleic acids (GLA) are in rich supply with the regular application of Borage oil to treat skin as part of a daily regime. These fatty acids plump skin cells while restoring thorough hydration. When nutrient-moisture deeply saturates pores supreme regeneration of epidermal tissue is possible. As a result the skin is soft, supple and appears more youthful. How does the oil soothe skin? The GLA this oil provides is a very reliable anti-inflammatory that inhibits skin irritation due to extreme dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Should you have a day when you forget sunscreen protection, borage oil soothes burns associated with UV exposure. Inflamed skin pain is naturally reduced and calmed for ultimate comfort. Annoying acne breakouts are also far less likely with the regular use of this rich botanical oil. Borage oil promotes maximum moisture retention to eliminate dry skin conditions such as chapping, cracking. Humidity of the epidermis is also stimulated while transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is restored. Creases and wrinkles are filled for unrivaled smooth ageless quality. Where can I find Borage Oil? Grown throughout Northern Iran and most of Europe, borage can be found in the finest organic skincare products. Since as early as the 1500’s it has been used in Europe for medicinal purposes. In the mid 1980’s borage cultivation began in the U.S. with the awareness of its proven health benefits. Extracted by cold pressing the flowers or seeds, the oil can also be found as a dietary supplement to be taken orally. In capsule form, the seed oil is known to boast the highest GLA content for optimal skin. It is clear, that whether you choose topical, oral solutions or both: youthful radiance is naturally restored to the body and skin with the daily intake and application of borage oil. Check in with your favorite aesthetician at the top NYC day spas to inquire about the latest in holistic skincare products that contain this essential botanical oil.]>>

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