The Best Japanese Skin Exfoliant!

This stunning perennial plant produces a deep burgundy inflorescence when mature. As its Greek name suggests, it looks like an erect, but shapeless florescent phallus snugly enveloped in a cone. The root of this unusual plant is a common ingredient in Japanese stews and soups. When extracted, the natural sugars are a low-calorie sugar substitute that is also used in jelly sweets. Initially developed in Japan for children, the texture of Konnyaku sponges has been proven to be excellent for adult skincare as well. Its composition of vegetable fiber provides gentle exfoliation perfect for all skin types. It softens up old epidermal layers revealing the youthful skin beneath. The weak alkali agents serve as an anti-bacterial to neutralize acids that cause black heads and acne while offering a gentle deep cleanse of the pores naturally. Glucomannan, which makes up about 40% of the plant’s corms, is recognized as a beneficial source of many nutrients and a natural detoxifier for the skin and body. In exfoliating Konnyaku sponges this essential property delays the effects of cell aging as it enhances blood circulation with every cleanse toward fresh polished skin. These pure vegetable sponges are being currently produced with natural additives such as pink French clay for sensitive and dehydrated skin. The black carbon variety of this vegetable cleaner is mineral-rich to remove excess sebum and impurities from oily acne-prone skin. Generally, the sponge is effective with or without additional cleansers. If going green is important to you in maintaining healthy skin, Konnyaku is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe and sustainable. Konjac is used as a carrying agent in a variety of pharmaceutical products as a healing and non-irritating layer on wounds. It is used as natural thickener in many skin care gels and serums because it stabilizes well with other natural ingredients. Its emulsifying qualities give a smooth, even texture to creams, lotions and facial masks, while retaining moisture to keep skin smooth and supple. Once you’ve cleansed your skin with a Konnyaku or Konjac sponge you’ll toss out all other exfoliating gloves and loofahs in favor of the ultimate gentle skin cleanser for a healthy glowing complexion—the best skin care courtesy of Japan.]>>