Supernova Facial Feature

Supernova Facial Feature

If you needed a sign to get a facial… this is it. 

     What better way to prep your skin for an event, a day out, or just to feel plain out glamorous than getting our Supernova Facial? The warm weather is here and we know you’re ready to get back out there and meet up with friends and family. Therefore, you need your skin to be on its glowest behavior. We’re here to help. 

     The Supernova facial is the go-to treatment for all of our celeb clients. It gives your skin an instant radiant glow, and trust us, people will notice it. 

     During this 60 min facial our professional trained estheticians start off with a fresh cleanse and then get right into it using state of the art, anti-aging technology. First they start off with micro-current to contour and depuff your complexion. Then they follow up with a collagen mask that infuses vital nutrients into your skin. This luxurious facial also includes cryotherapy. This is a treatment that increases cellular metabolism, circulation and oxygenation while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. (Sign us up) 

     With the nutrient-rich liquid exfoliation that is used in this facial, your skin will be left feeling baby smooth, brighter, and instantly radiant. We highly recommend this facial for any date night, wedding, or any occasion where you want to feel your best. Book your skin a favor at either of our salons in New York City or Los Angeles and start your skin journey to glowy skin today!

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