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Skincare Tips For Brighter, Younger-Looking Skin In 3 Easy Minutes

Skincare Tips For Brighter, Younger-Looking Skin In 3 Easy Minutes
You need a game plan that combines proven products with multitasking ingredients in order to consolidate your routine and allow you to effectively get in and get out. Here is a routine that will cut your time and allow you to get out in 3-5 minutes and give you brighter, healthier skin. Step 1: Use A Gentle Face Wash There are options that both cleanse and soften dead skin and also combat dullness. My Vitamin C Face Wash has as one of its main ingredients salicylic acid which unclog pores, vitamin C to fight dark spots, evening out skin tone and Galactoarabinan for brighter youthful skin. This whole step takes one minute. Step 2: Exfoliate Your Skin By minute 2 you should be well on your way to using an exfoliating product to help you shed dull skin and return a healthy radiancy to it. A multitasking exfoliant might also help to detox your skin. Look for one that has an ingredient like French green clay, to help absorb oil, toxins and impurities from the skin. Exfoliating by itself should not be done more than 3 times a week but less if your skin is sensitive and tends to irritate. Step 3: Serum + De-puffing Lymphatic Face Massage I love a serum that hydrates, regulates the oil production in your pores and protects the skin against environmental damage. That's why I created the Rejuvenating Serum. Many clients have asked me why I apply products in such a particular way on the face during a facial. The reason? I want to contour you by doing some simple lymphatic drainage massage. All you do is apply the serum from the center of the face outward towards the ears, temples and neck. You have clusters of lymph nodes in these zones and you will benefit from draining out the excess water this way and stimulate circulation. Step 4: Moisturize Your Complexion + Protect in the AM In this final step, you're going to want to pack in extra hydration along with a protective SPF. Again, you can mix your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen, or you can choose one that includes both. Apply a thin layer all over, making sure to add extra coverage to areas that are susceptible to fine lines. These steps can always be tweaked but is best if you consult your skincare professional. Its going to save you time and money in the long rung and will prevent you from getting frustrated if you don't see the results you want right away. An great esthetician can be a great supporting cast when you are trying to figure out what's best for your skin and how to give it radiance and health in 5 easy minutes. Lastly, I look forward to seeing you at the salon where you will be dazzled by how great your skin looks. Shop for superior skincare products NOW at 501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2011, New York, NY and stop wondering if you can have flawless skin. Don’t live in New York City? BUY online by clicking on any of the links above. Lastly, get the best results from your skin care routine by getting one of our celebrity approved facials and get your best skin ever, NOW and in the future. Call immediately for your appointments at 212.949.2350 and get $50 off your first treatment.]>>

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