Skin Firming Facials

Replenishing essential nutrients and restoring some naturally occurring proteins in our bodies is vital for securing optimal health. All of those healthy choices play out in our skin’s appearance. Considering this fact: there are high-quality professional facials designed to reinvigorate cellular function while promoting the production of youth enhancing proteins like collagen and elastin. These skin firming facials are non-invasive treatments that help bring about a smooth youthful appearance that projects absolute well being. Ultrasound Energy for Skin An ultrasound facial is a high-frequency massage of the skin that stimulates the production of elastin. Elastin gives epidermal tissue the flexibility necessary to inhibit maturing skin. At 3 million vibrations per second, ultrasound is believed to reveal the path toward smoother skin tone as it diminishes blemishes and scars. Because ultrasound creates heated friction as it massages, healthy blood circulation is restored and new cells are easily generated. Collagen and elastin levels are dramatically increased with reinvigorated circulation. As lymphatic drainage is normalized from a detoxifying ultrasound application impurities are expelled for complete exuberance. Ultrasound treatments are a safe non-invasive approach to skincare with immediate results. It may require application by a dermatologist, so first inquire with your aesthetician before choosing this type of facial. Microcurrent Facials Are Rejuvenating The best skincare spas apply this gentle mild flow of electric currents to help awaken sluggish blood circulation with a microcurrent facial. This skin-firming treatment removes old epidermis and buffs the face toward a more toned appearance. You can also expect an intense boost in collagen and elastin production for superior resilience that is visually ageless. These protein functions are crucial in countering the onset of the early signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. This advanced skincare treatment also facilitates the absorption of oxygen and nutrients through the pores for overall improved texture and tone. At high end skincare spas, organic botanical serums accompany this detoxifying facial to thoroughly nourish and hydrate the face. The final result: a toned sculptural visage that beams with silky radiance.]>>