Restoring Elegance with a Facial

Restoring Elegance with a Facial There are some beautiful women in New York who have never had filler or botox. I’m talking about sophisticated, educated, fashionable and healthy women who just don’t want to go there. Don’t believe me – just ask Joanna Vargas, the smart, calming and glowing skincare expert. Joanna helps everyone who enters her office look and feel more beautiful. With Joanna there is no angst, just a wonderful glow and enough confidence and calm to walk out onto Fifth Avenue with only sunscreen and organic lipstain. The vibe in Joanna’s salon is the polar opposite of the dermatologist’s office, where patients look stressed, slightly embarrassed and red as they hold ice packs to their faces and pay their bills. In many circles, botox is a rites of passage — not a question of do you do it, but where do you do it. Don’t get me wrong, botox is amazing – done right and it can put your jaw back where it was 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the stress and constant checking, waiting for it to fall again or wondering when you will need to get that face-lift isn’t exactly fun. PR#5 Joanna’s salon is empowering and spirited and I left feeling there wasn’t anything a wonderful smelling serum and a green juice couldn’t solve. I had my facial and talk with Joanna over two weeks ago and have taken Joanna’s advice to heart. Stress and not taking care of our bodies ages us and shows in our faces and movements and personality. Being relaxed and taking responsibility for our skin and health is empowering. Green juices do make a difference in our energy levels and skin. Staying hydrated does plump up your skin. Exercise is necessary for our mental and physical health. Joanna’s treatments help push the limits of our beauty after we have done all the healthy and necessary stuff. Joanna discreetly (no names) told me about one of her favorite clients who has never had plastic surgery. joanna by Nicky FamousThe client is older and walks thirty plus blocks to her facials. She always has a beautiful glow to her skin. She inspires Joanna to keep it natural. So here goes – repeat after me, there is a difference in how I look when I eat healthy and take care of my skin. Exercise will make me calm and fit. Skin products that are natural and smell great make me look forward to taking care of myself! With Joanna there’s proof that doing gentle things to our faces in a relaxed way, can restore our natural elegance and confidence. And by the way, after my facials not one but three people told me my skin looked beautiful. To make your appointments at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City please call NOW at 212.949.2350.]>>