Reset Your Skin From Head to Toe

oxygen chamber

If it's your last day on Earth, go to Joanna Vargas for a facial. She offers high-tech, effective facials that actually make you walk away with glowing, lifted skin. Im talking micro-current machines, LED light beds, facial cryotherapy, and collagen masks. I went to her a few days before my wedding in 2017, because I trusted her to send me down the aisle with a luminous complexion. Its a luxe experience, which is why so many celebrities have Vargas on speed-dial to prep their skin for major red-carpet events. And if you cant afford Vargas herself, try anyone from her team. Its a phenomenally talented group. Lauren Levinson, editorial director at Verywell Family

We will add one more thing to this glowing editorial review and that is our oxygen chamber, the Relaxation Pod. Joanna Vargas says, “The relaxation pod is perfect for reducing inflammation and stressors in the body that would create spots, dryness and other skin issues. My clients love to lay in the pod post facial because it makes the skin glow while you feel so much more refreshed from the inside out!”