Rapid Skin Repair during the Holiday Season

Facials. Putting skin repair in the hands of well-trained professionals can often yield the most rapid and promising results. Choosing a day spa facial gives you access to a range of advanced technology and natural face care options that are customized for your skin type. Here are two of the most popular and effective professional facials. Microcurrent, with its mild electric currents that expedites the look of youthful, radiant skin. It is a top choice facial for those who take skin repair seriously. When applied with the right balance of vitamin and mineral rich face care, these mini currents can help temporarily minimize the appearance of fine lines and other visible signs of degradation to the visage. Microcurrent tones for a dramatically refined and sculpted appearance. LED facials apply infrared red with anti-inflammatory properties perfect for de-puffing the skin after the holiday binge. Penetrating light emitting diodes strengthen connective tissue more reliably than any facial on the market. A series of this non-invasive treatments helps prolong a more youthful appearance. This haute skincare is the choice of celebrities and professionals alike because of the quick results with no side effects or recovery time. Water. Drinking water is so simple in theory but in practice is often forgotten during winter. But heaping glasses of H20 can reverse skin dehydration in a few sips. All the alcohol consumption can shrivel the dermis after the bloating wears off, because it dehydrates. With proper hydration, supple texture is easily restored while elasticity gets a boost. This is an easy step to detoxify the system and repair the skin. Sauna. Next to a spa facial, a day at the sauna is one of the best gifts you can give the one you love—and yourself. Exposing the skin to heated steamy sanctuary saunas provide, ensures the elimination of toxins from the body that can inhibit cell regeneration. Cell turnover is essential in the process of repairing dermal tissue. Detoxification brought on by a good sweat is also crucial for retaining agelessness, so stepping into this bliss-inducing sweatbox can put you on a fast track to rectifying complexion quirks. Getting skin back in shape for the New Year’s Eve parties to come isn’t rocket science. But leading aestheticians can help to expedite the process. Appointments book up fast this time of year, so contact a recommended day spa to schedule your next reparative facial.]>>