Our Top 3 Body Treatments of All Time

Our Top 3 Body Treatments of All Time

As far as body treatments go, Joanna has crafted many unique services to meet the needs of our clients. Because the skin is a holistic organ, you can't simply take care of your face and ignore the remaining 90% of this essential organ. Taking care of the skin on your body makes you facial skincare more effective, as the organ is systemic and what you put on one part of your body can effect your whole body! 

We've crunched the numbers and narrowed our top three body treatments of all time. If you're new to body care or want to make sure you're doing the best you can to stay glowing and healthy, these are our customer-favorites to keep you looking your best below your neck:


1. Full Body Microdermabrasion:

This winner is an anti-aging treatment for your whole body. We use a professional diamond tipped wand to exfoliate from shoulder to toe for soft, buttery skin that lasts. This will allow any body products you apply thereafter to absorb better, which gives you more moisture benefits and more cost-effective treatments.

2. Ballancer Pro Touchless Lymphatic Drainage:

It’s popular for a reason - it’s an effective depuffing massage in a private room by yourself. While we love the touch of a massage therapist, this treatment became popular over COVID and stayed popular after the effects were so apparent with each treatment. Lymphatic drainage keeps us healthy inside and out, and many customers found visible weight loss from this treatment. Plus, you're all alone in a private spa room, so you can bring a book, work, meditate, or take a nap while the massage suit is doing it's magic. 

3. Power Nap:

We mention this one a lot, and for good reason. It’s Joanna’s favorite way to improve your skin from head to toe in each 20 minute session. Invented by NASA and FDA approved, each session in our LED bed will bring rejuvenation to your skin and body. It reduces inflammation, makes skin less reactive to environmental pressures, cleared up acne and scarring, and speeds healing of the body by as much as 300%. All in a private room. Win win! 


Book these treatments in our New York City or Los Angeles locations. Mix and match or add-on after your next facial for full-body wellness.