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Naturally Reduce the Signs of Scarring

Naturally Reduce the Signs of Scarring
HERE. Adequate sun protection is also essential in the prevention of scars. Scars have less pigment than the rest of your skin, meaning they are much more susceptible to sunburns, which will only further damage the skin you are trying to repair. Apply sunscreen every day on your face and body or try a tinted sunscreen on your face as part of your daily makeup regimen. An organic facial scrub (like our enzymatic Exfoliating Mask) or a body scrub can be used to gently exfoliate the skin and re-texture scarred and problematic areas. Additionally, scrubs promote circulation (which can also help break up cellulite and bring more hydration and brightness to the body) while washing away built up impurities. Follow up the use of a scrub with a daily moisturizer to add extra hydration and reduce the size of the scar. LED Light Therapy is a great noninvasive alternative that plumps the look of your skin for an ageless appearance, helping to revitalize the skin and heal damaged tissue. LED Light Therapy is safe, effective, and it does not further damage the skin or produce added irritation or discoloration – the perfect solution for someone who wants to gently reduce the size of their scars without any downtime. For more information on our LED Light Therapy options, click HERE. Combine some (or, ideally, all) of these methods, and you’ll begin to notice a definite change in the size and severity of the scarred area! Want more information on the best treatments to help reduce scarring? Contact us for a skin consultation! Email us at for the New York salon, or jvla@joannavargas.comfor the Los Angeles salon. ]>>

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