Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful

No matter how the economy is slumping, women today still wish to look their best. The good news is that even on a tight budget, this is still possible. All ladies need to do is look around at every day items in their home for safe, cost-effective, and natural beauty aids.


The juice in cucumbers have a natural cooling agent. It is this characteristic which makes it useful in reducing redness on the face. Thin slices can help minimize puffy bags which tend to form on the lower lid of the eye when the tissue is tired or irritated.

Cucumbers can also help with facial blemishes. Applying the juice to pimples can help calm the inflammation caused by them, thereby reducing their unsightly appearance. A cucumber's vitamin A content may also help in the healing of the skin eruption and decrease the chances of a permanent scar.


Oatmeal can serve several purposes within a woman's beauty routine. For one, it can help soothe itchiness of the skin by providing moisture. Also, when applied to the face, a mask made of oatmeal can help exfoliate and moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling softer and lighter. And for those who suffer from psoriasis, the mask can help soothe the redness and reduce the flakiness associated with this skin condition.


The acid nature of lemon juice can have a profound affect on the body. It is a natural cleanser. Not only can it help remove spots on the nails and heal blackheads on the face, the juice also leaves a brighter radiance to the areas over which it is rubbed.

The other positive effect is its ability to restore the pH balance of the skin. By keeping this balance, the skin is less likely to break out or become irritated.

Baking Soda

The micro-abrasiveness of baking soda makes it a staple in the natural beauty regime. When mixed with water or peroxide on a toothbrush, it becomes a powerful toothpaste which can keep breath fresh and teeth white. On the face, baking soda serves as a natural exfoliation and cleansing agent.


Plain yogurt is the base ingredients in many homemade masks. Its ingredients not only help to cleanse and moisturize the skin, but it also helps to shrink pores, helping to prevent any skin breakouts. The creamy texture also has a luxurious feel on the skin.


By adding concoctions made with these ingredients to your beauty regime, women can still look and feel their best without feeling guilty about the cost. And don't be afraid to experiment!

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