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Natural Skin Care During Pregnancy

Natural Skin Care During Pregnancy
And although this might seem like one more thing you need to do, please pamper yourself with some spa treatments before your baby is born. Both home and spa facials are a perfect way to relax yourself and enhance the condition of your skin. When you’re well taken care of, so is baby. You can maintain that supple radiance by keeping up your natural skin care routine. Please make sure that you use gentle face care products and body care. If you don’t know what to choose ask your skin care professional or dermatologist for safe products. Skin Changes to expect during Pregnancy: Acne breakouts are common during pregnancy due to hormonal shifts. Even the clearest of skin may experience unsightly pimples and excessive sebum at this time. Remedy: Regular deep cleansing facials that use gentle products can do wonders for maintaining a flawless complexion. This is probably the best way to keep your skin clean and clear. Additionally your skin care routine must include products that are soothing and don’t have harsh chemicals as they will only aggravate the condition. Skin Darkening is technically known as melasma gravidarum or chloasma. Some mothers may develop these blotchy patches that normally diminish after delivery. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘mask of pregnancy.’ Sun exposure definitely affects this hormonal driven increase in melanin. Remedy: This is a hormonal increase in melanin and short of not being pregnant there is little you can do. However, don’t despair, stay out of direct sunlight, use a hat whenever possible and be sure to use a proper SPF sunscreen to protect your skin. Also, you can use a mineral base concealer or tinted moisturizer to lesses the appearance of these dark skin blotches. Rice or citrus cleansers have mild natural bleaching properties that can brighten dark pigment when applied to affected areas. Stretch Marks occur with the stretching of skin to accommodate that lovely new person(s). These marks fade beyond birth if routinely treated throughout pregnancy. Remedy: I recommend a person use a natural exfoliant every day during their pregnancy or minimally 4 times a week.And always, always use a heavy body cream to moisturize. Organic cocoa and shea butters are excellent natural skin care products that visibly diminish stretch marks and soften skin for a luminous glow. After the birth of the baby, not before, LED light therapy is a safe non-invasive spa service that significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite that commonly form during pregnancy. The natural path the conditioning skin… As you select a nourishing diet consider how that may positively impact your skin. A diet packed with antioxidant protection can help fend off free radicals and environmental stress that can ravage skin if unchecked. Keep those dark berries and leafy greens flowing through your body to promote a radiant glow. Professional spa treatments and natural skin care are the best ways to positively condition your skin for superior health during pregnancy.]>>

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