My Skin's Apperance Was Dramatically Improved

"triple crown facial" in combination with light treatments have drastically reduced the size of my pores, improved my skin's texture and appearance, and literally leaves my skin glowing. I always get compliments on how fantastic my skin looks. Lena has been AMAZING. After giving birth to twins, my skin went haywire. She was able to get everything back under control within a couple months, and many have said that my skin looks better now than before I had children! I cannot say enough good things about Joanna Vargas Salon. After a many years of feeling insecure about my skin, I now (in my mid 30s) feel better about it than ever. The products and tools used at the salon have truly reversed many signs of aging. I also LOVE how nice everyone is. The facialists never push products, and are so knowledgeable about everything regarding good health. Any treatment at the Joanna Vargas Salon is worth every penny. Kimberly A. To read more testimonials about Joanna Vargas facials and skincare treatments click on the link. Also, GET $50 off when you LIKE us on Facebook.]>>