My Little Blackbook of Pregnancy

It was my own first pregnancy with my son that sent me on a quest for the best organic skincare I could find seven years ago. He inspired me to look for healthier choices in everything I used on myself which in turn became the foundation for my own natural skincare line all these years later. The following is my little blackbook of pregnancy in Manhattan and my best tips for staying beautiful and healthy throughout pregnancy! Skincare During Pregnancy 1) Exfoliate your body DAILY! In order to accomodate your growing baby and stretching skin, I always recommend exfoliation. Did you know that exfoliation stimulates collagen production in the skin? Its the BEST way to make sure your skin is healthy while your baby grows. Also, exfoliating helps prevent stretch marks from forming. While stretch marks is hard to avoid, exfoliation will keep the collagen coming so the skin isn't traumatized by your changing physique. Eminence Organics makes a great body wash called Naseberry Body Wash which is gentle enough for you to use daily. 2) MOISTURIZE with a thick body butter! In addition to exfoliation, one wants the skin to be as hydrated as possible. The baby is taking his or her share of water and nutrients to grow leaving you with very little to use for your skin. The solution to that is to use a nice thick organic body butter all over the body night and day. It may take you and extra five minutes to get to bed at night, but soft, glowing hydrated skin will be your reward. Joanna's Blackbook Yoya at 636 Hudson Street. They are a sweet shop that opened right before my first baby was born. I love the owner and her taste. She is even helping me design my new baby's room! They are having a sample sale this week, so check them out! Sally Kravich, Holistic Health Practicioner. She has been my trusted caretaker from the time I started to try and lose my baby weight through today. Whether you want to get healthy to try and become pregnant or if you just want a healthy pregnancy, she is the best! Finally, being mindful of using organic skin care products and eating organic during pregnancy is so important. Give your baby the healthiest environment you can while they grow the building blocks for their future! Your thought and comments are always welcome. If you would like to share something that has been useful to you please let me know and I'll make sure to put it in a newsletter or I will just let people know. As always, I look forward to seeing at the salon where we can help you GET your best skin yet! Make your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and make sure to follow us in Facebook and when you do GET $50 off. Not on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and just let us know. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care]>>