Microcurrent Facials Have Age Reversing Benefits

best facials in any spa treatment that goes beyond pampering and gives you what you expect, flawless skin. This is a popular, very reliable and safe alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, with no gimmicks. How does Microcurrent work? Microcurrent offers similar benefits to acupuncture, but no needles are used. The detoxifying treatment applies mild electrical currents to targeted areas of the face that need the most attention. Those currents of electrical energy stimulate the growth of cellular tissue and regulate normal blood circulation. In doing so, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels are increased which boosts the skin and body’s bio-chemical functions. This advanced skincare treatment improves oxygenation for optimal performance of epidermal cells. As microcurrent detoxifies the skin it also promotes lymphatic drainage, extracting excess fluids and reducing facial puffiness in the process. The mild electric currents increase absorption of nutrient-rich serums and skincare products that are applied during your facial for a supreme silken complexion. The innumerable benefits extend from cosmetic application to medical treatment. Increases protein synthesis essential for repairing damaged tissues Enhances epidermal blood circulation Stimulates elastin and collagen production for an ageless appearance Tones muscles and firms the skin for a more slim sculpted look Promotes healthy cell renewal Lifts the visage with visibly diminished fine lines and wrinkles With microcurrent’s extensive abilities you are assured superior youthful radiance with each professional facial. Many clients have chosen microcurrent facials because they find the effects are cumulative with each treatment. Other uses of Microcurrent Therapy… In addition to the youth enhancing applications, microcurrent has been used medically to successfully relieve chronic pain conditions including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, diabetic ulcers, shingles, sciatica and health conditions that may require less conventional treatments. Because microcurrent therapy delivers specific frequencies to targeted tissues, it is also an excellent treatment for: headaches, back pain, arthritis sports injuries, herpes and slow healing wounds. Since microcurrent facials are virtually painless, there is no need for anesthesia and no recovery time. The age-reversing effects are generally immediate. So you can showcase your perfect skin immediately after you leave the spa. Follow through on your aesthetician’s recommended series of treatments for optimal results. For more lasting results be sure to maintain your skincare regimen, replete with the best organic products your skin deserves.]>>