Lymphatic Drainage: Explained by Joanna

Lymphatic Drainage: Explained by Joanna

     While there are a bunch of different ways to stimulate lymphatic drainage throughout the body, two of Joanna’s favorite methods are dry brushing and massage. We chatted with Joanna on her tips and expertise on lymphatic drainage. 

     “Lymphatic massage is one of my favorite ways to reduce puffiness, eliminate dark circles, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and lessen the frequency of breakouts, from head to toe.” 

     Your lymphatic system relies on movement to keep lymph flowing. When you’re not exercising or are eating poorly, your lymphatic system slows down, causing impurities and fluids to pool beneath the surface of your skin. It’s easy to fix though with the right lymphatic stimulation! Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate it into your routine. 

  1. At Home Lymphatic Facial Massage 

     For a face and neck lymphatic massage, combine hand-over-hand sweeping motions with medium pressure upon application in whichever direction your lymph system dictates. If the skin on your face is noticeably saggy, dry, or wrinkled, massage upward starting at the neck. If the skin on your face is oily or acne prone, massage downward starting at the forehead. Work in small sections to ensure that the entire area gets rubbed down evenly. 

     Joanna suggests incorporating lymphatic massage techniques into your nightly skincare routine by using our Rejuvenating Serum as the “massage oil” of sorts. After cleansing your face, apply the serum while massaging and then apply our Daily Hydrating Cream afterward. This will save you time and ensure that all the products used on your face absorb fully into your skin. For even more effective results, try using our Magic Glow Wand. This beauty device mimics a lymphatic massage and helps penetrate products deep into your skin. 

2. Get a Tone Up Massage

     Performed by a trained lymphatic massage therapist, this massage is offered at both our New York City and Los Angeles spas. This lymphatic drainage massage helps depuffs, detox and boost your circulation. It’s an essential treatment for the health of your skin and body. Plus you can add it on to your appointment before or after your facial to really get your body feeling glowy from inside out. 

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 3. Do it at Home with our Ritual Brush

     60 seconds every day is all you need to stimulate lymph flow. Start at your toes and brush upwards towards your heart, repeating all over your body, always brushing inwards towards your heart. You can do this in your morning or night time routine. Joanna recommends dry brushing right before you bathe, while your water is heating up! 

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