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Lift Your Face Naturally With Microcurrent Facials

Lift Your Face Naturally With Microcurrent Facials
lift and firm your skin naturally and achieve a refreshed complexion, chasing years away and stressful remnants of the post holiday season. The abrupt change of diet and, perhaps, imbibing the many Christmas cocktails may now be, making more pronounced sagging skin. Additionally, all of the celebratory intensity can drain the luster from an otherwise perfect complexion: puffiness and swelling now visible due to seconds from the dessert table, salty foods and spiked eggnog. So after the holidays it is imperative to return to a healthy face care routine to restore tired worn skin. Fortunately, in one session you can have a more lifted visage and refreshed complexion, smoothing out wrinkles and firming aging skin. This is a non-invasive, painless facial that requires no down time and best of all, the results are cumulative. Joanna Vargas Salon, one of the most popular high profile day spas in NYC, offers their signature micro-current facials with natural skin care products and a blast of pure oxygen infused with a vitamin, mineral & hyaluronic serum. This is a high-tech spa treatments that restores dermal function to peak condition, enriching the skin for youthful and glowing look. And while you are there you might want to blitz your complexion and add on their LED light therapy, sought after by celebrities to make them red carpet ready for any situation. The Best 3 Facials After the Holidays 1) LED light facials: Scientific research by NASA on the benefits of LED has proven infrared light therapy to be effective in accelerating healing of damaged skin tissue. The aesthetic field later used this discovery to reverse the onset of maturing skin by plumping the skin. These two proteins keep the skin youthful by temporarily minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin cells are significantly buoyed for a natural face lift. The treatment is non-invasive but requires a minimum of six to twelve sessions to see results but the wait is well worth it. 2) Purifying oxygen facials: detoxify the skin and enhance permeability of essential nutrients. This relaxing treatment expels contaminants from the pores to clear the way for absorption of nourishing vitamins and minerals. As the nutrients saturate the skin through the reparative care of oxygen a clean, glowing flawless complexion is naturally achieved. Oxygen has been proven through studies to help the skin absorb age-reversing nutrients. According to Aura Research, ‘It is difficult to get enough oxygen to the face skin cells by inhalation, due to the poor capillary action… If the skin cells are not functioning properly, the skin cannot be in optimal condition. The result is a poor skin condition…To properly reproduce, the cells must have the necessary nutrients.’ This is where the targeted mist of 98% hyperbaric oxygen comes in to reliably penetrate epidermal layers in a revitalizing and purifying facial. Micro-current Facials provide an intensive natural face lift that enhances texture and radiance in all skin types. Micro-current has been used medically to effectively treat myofascial pain where the symptoms have been substantially reduced and even eliminated. ?? Shop for superior skincare products NOW at 501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2011, New York, NY and stop wondering if you can have flawless skin. Don’t live in New York City? BUY online here. Lastly, get the best results from your skin care routine by getting one of our celebrity approved facials and get your best skin ever, NOW and in the future. Call immediately for your appointments at 212.949.2350 and get $50 off your first treatment. P.S Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and if you want essential skin care tips and tricks sign up to our newsletter, bottom of the page under in the box “Sign Up For Updates”.]>>

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