Joanna's Black History Month Guide

Joanna's Black History Month Guide

It’s February 1st which means it’s officially the first day of Black History Month. There is always room to educate yourself on important topics in this world, either past or present. This month, we will focus on amplifying the voices, messages, and work of the Black community.

Please follow along on our social media pages for recommendations for books by Black authors, suggestions for your next beauty buys from Black-owned companies, and more content by Black creators. 

Joanna’s Guide

A book + a face mask = the best combo! Sitting down with a book while waiting for your face mask to do its magic could not be more relaxing. Shop our masks here. Pick up a book that has meaning and that can teach you something you never knew before. We have curated a special list for you so you don’t have to do the work of searching! 


Podcasts are a way to stay informed and be motivated to make a change. We all know our mornings are dedicated to drinking water and doing our skincare routines but it’s time to add on to your morning routine. Throw on one of these podcasts on your way to work in the morning and start your day with fresh information to pave the way for your future and other futures as well. 

Listen to 1619 and learn about slavery and how it has changed America through the past and in the present. 
Become actively anti-racist through individuals who support you with the Check Your Privilege podcast. 

Joanna’s favorite Black beauty brands to buy from! From make-up to skincare to hair products, these lines have you covered. You can walk into your local Target for some of these as well! Chances are that you already have been using these products and had no idea who created them. Do your research and learn who is behind the companies you routinely buy from.  

If you are on the lookout for a new make-up erasing balm this one is for you! Nyakio Beauty’s Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil Balm is the best! 

We are obsessed with Briogio’s Scalp Revival charcoal + coconut oil micro-exfoliating shampoo, as you should be too! We all need a good scalp scrub for that pesky winter dandruff. 

Change or add to the way you educate yourself on important topics in this world of ours. It doesn’t take much. The next 27 days are to be used to celebrate African American achievements in the United States whether you read about them, listen about them, or even buy from brands that represent them.