It’s Officially Summer, Treat Your Skin The Right Way!

It’s Officially Summer, Treat Your Skin The Right Way!

Summer is here! With the warmer weather coming it means that we need to start updating our skincare routine. Our pores are getting clogged with dirt, debris, sunscreen, and all the layers of summer. Laying out in the sun is a favorite activity of most. We love to get that summer glow. I know we are all wearing our sunscreen every day. And we are reapplying throughout the day if we are outside. If you were unaware that you needed sunscreen everyday, even in the colder months, then you do now. 

After a long day outside in the summer, your sunscreen just feels sticky and uncomfortable from sweating in the sun all day. Let’s talk about an after the sun skin care routine. Our Vitamin C Face Wash washes away sweat, sunscreen, and oil without stripping your skin dry. This face wash leaves your skin feeling hydrated and dewy. 

After applying your Vitamin C Face Wash, apply a few drops of our Rescue Serum. This Vitamin C packed serum helps to prevent the appearance of sunspots and give an overall healthy glow. 

Lastly, after applying your serum, apply a cream for extra hydration! In the summer you don’t want a cream that is too heavy and feels like it is clogging your skin. Our new Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer is a lightweight moisturizer to help prevent the signs of early aging, without clogging pores. 

An extra step you can take is applying one of our sheet masks during your daily routine. During the summer months, your skin gets red from all the extra sun and humidity. Our Twilight Face Mask is our anti-redness solution. Use this mask weekly or when you need that extra skin loving after a prolonged sun exposure! 

Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!