Hydrate While Healing Skin

Hydrate While Healing Skin

Breakouts happen at all ages, and especially in the summer. It's common for all skin types to see more breakouts and buildup this time of the year, because of our environmental changes: think, adding extra sunscreen on your face, sweating from the heat, and blasting air conditioning on our skin. If you feel you need anti-aging hydration benefits and a boost to fight breakouts, we have the perfect duo: SuperNova Facial with a Vitalight add-on.

SuperNova facial is the #1 hydrating, anti-aging glow-up facial we offer. During this 60 min facial our professional trained estheticians start off with a fresh cleanse and then get right into it using state of the art, anti-aging technology. First they start off with micro-current to contour and depuff your complexion. Then they follow up with a collagen mask that infuses vital nutrients into your skin. This luxurious facial also includes cryotherapy. This is a treatment that increases cellular metabolism, circulation and oxygenation while providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Your esthetician will then add a session under our Vitalight, which uses the power of red and blue light to kill acne and heal skin up to 300% faster than without. LED red and blue light therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment that has been proven to provide various benefits to the skin. The treatment involves the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) of different wavelengths to target specific skin concerns. Red and blue LED lights are the most popular wavelengths used for facial treatments. 

Experience this game-changing duo and smooth out your skin fast, without drying or stripping skin of essential nutrients.

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