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How To Look Radiant For Your Holiday Parties

How To Look Radiant For Your Holiday Parties
flawless skin comes with a price, its just like going to the gym but for the face. But before you get stress here is what I like to do during the holidays. I like to watch some of my all time favorite holiday movies. It reminds me that the holidays are a time of cheer, not stress. Its all on how you look at things. I like to focus on the fun stuff, the food, the parties and bright expression of children as they see holiday decorations here and there. This can be different from mine but you get the idea. Find something beautiful during this time and things will look better. Also, to make this holiday more fun I'm giving away my Daily and Rejuvenating Serums, the perfect pair for your skincare routine. Here is how you can win them. Go to Facebook and: 1) Like the Joanna Vargas Page 2) Share the picture 3) Email the salon telling us you did so. You can also do the same via Google+ just in case you don't have Facebook. And lastly, for every package of 3 you buy earn a $25 gift certificate up to a $100 for a 12 pack. This will last until Wednesday 12/10/14. You can use it for anything in the salon. Here is an article form By Sarah Wu image8 Planning a holiday party and planning your holiday look have this in common: There's more than one way to do it. Just like there's no one-size-fits-all fete, there's no set-in-stone way to get ready. So, will you be the one done up like a wintry ad - you know, bronzey eyes paired with a red pout? Or, will you play the rebel and don metallic lips and sport gold-leaf covered eyes? (Or - will you even have time to get ready?) Generally, all holiday parties can be split into two categories. For every seasonal sit-down that allows you to ponder your look in advance, there's a last-minute office party that calls for impressive backseat makeup skills. So, in the interest of covering our bases this year, we'll teach you how to tackle both. For the ultimate guide on getting ready, we tapped a team of celebrity pros intimately familiar with all kinds of beauty prep (holiday craziness included): facialist Joanna Vargas, makeup artist Katey Denno, hairstylist Jen Atkin, and celeb manicurist Jenna Hipp. Click through for their tips, whether you're taking your sweet time to primp or are already halfway out the door. Fast: Skin Fix Red lips are pretty much de rigueur come December, so why not complete the festive color scheme with something green? Vargas' go-to power ingredients for skin are avocados, which supply healthy fats and phytonutrients, and chlorophyll, which helps brighten and hydrate your complexion. The inside-out beauty approach definitely works for her flawless-faced client Rachel Weisz, but remember to incorporate it into your regular routine for the best results. The actual imbibing only takes a matter of minutes: Throw some creamy avocado into your morning smoothie, or down a liquid chlorophyll shot before dashing out the door. The murky green stuff also helps reduce any puffiness you might have the next day. For the body, Vargas favors surface treatments. "Dry brushing is my favorite method of exfoliation because it's multi-tasking, incredible as a cellulite treatment, and good for increasing elasticity," she says. Start at the tops of your feet, and move upward toward the heart. Two minutes of consistent brushing are all the pre-soiree prep you need. Leisurely: DIY Facial image0 In any situation where you are gifted with precious, extra prep time, always treat yourself to a facial. Vargas likes to apply a sleep pack - an overnight mask that works its magic while you snooze - on freshly cleansed skin. Next up: Grab a sugar scrub. "Exfoliation is the most skipped step in people's routines, but it really makes a huge difference," she says. "Think of it as your way of creating a perfect canvas for your products and your makeup." If you're suffering from polar-vortex induced dryness, finish with her pantry-friendly formula for a DIY hydrator: 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup honey, and half an avocado. (The trio works its hydrating magic through lactic acid, vitamin B and fatty acids.) Fast: Instant, Glowing Makeup image1 A polished face doesn't require a lot of time - just strategic highlighter placement. Denno likes pressing a cream illuminator across the cheekbones, on the apples of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose, and over the Cupid's bow and eyelids. Look for formulas that create a subtle sheen (as opposed to anything overtly shimmery). To anchor the makeup, swipe on a speedy, statement lip à la Olivia Munn at The Newsroom premiere: Red if you're a fan of more classic looks, or a punchy fuchsia or deep blackberry if you feel like trying something decidedly fresher. "Start application with a few light taps of the color," she instructs. "Begin building the intensity from there until you love how it looks." Leisurely: Full-On Glamour Makeup For a more involved look, brush on a dark, shadowy eye. The unexpected first step? Checking your light. "If you have time at home, my number one suggestion is to find the best lighting, so you can really see what you're doing," Denno says. Once you're situated, pull out those smokey shades and take a cue from red-carpet pros - think January Jones at this year's amfAR gala. Denno varies between a blended, smudgy eye (which requires no upkeep and is therefore ideal for late nights) and a super-precise cat eye with a cut crease (draw out your wing super thick, and create a cut crease shape at the orbital socket with a neutral eyeshadow). Note that these are not in the five-minute-makeup category: "Even after all these years, I still can't make them happen on-the-go," she warns. "Rushing isn't worth it." Fast: The Chic Chignon A low chignon is the lazy girl's answer to the elaborate updo. Keep it looking slightly unkempt by letting a few pieces fall out, as seen at Dolce & Gabbana's spring show. "It's easy, because all you need are a few French pins and a hair tie," Atkin promises. Gather hair at the nape of the neck or off to one side, secure with a hair tie, then just twist and pin until it stays in place. (A sparkling hair accessory takes it from carefree to dressy.) Fast: Model Off Duty Mane Alternately, Atkin says to channel your inner Kate Moss with the hair flip. It's as simple as a few quick spritzes of texturizing spray - apply product right at the roots of your normal parting, and then flip it to create a deep side-part for a more tousled 'do. Create more body by backcombing with your fingers or a brush, and take advantage of your ear exposure to rock a cool cuff or drop earrings. Leisurely: Screen Siren Strands image3 Old-Hollywood waves are Atkin's specialty, and they happen to lend themselves well to winter festivities. "One of my favorites is the classic Veronica Lake smooth wave," she says. (Her client Chrissy Teigen often rocks a more modern interpretation of the look.) Do a deep side part on just-brushed hair that's been prepped with hairspray, then wrap small sections around a 1-inch iron before pinning them into place (you'll release them in 15 minutes, after they've cooled). To keep it from looking too contrived, switch directions, rolling the iron forward around the hairline and away from the face in the back. For an element of easy glamour, gently use a wide-tooth comb to separate the curls, then use your fingers to shape the waves. Leisurely: The Sleek and Chic Pony For a look that's more fun and less fancy, Atkin suggests copying the sleek ponytails at Balmain's spring show. Wet and slicked back could read more poolside than party, but a flat iron paired with glossing oil for the smoothest possible finish (and some behind-the-ear bobby pins) are the key to perfecting this easy 'do. Fast: The Pop Of Color Keep nails simple this season with single-shade manicures, all the better if you can match them to your lips. Hipp loves the clean effect of a single color, but she's also partial to a darker shade paired with a bright accent nail. The most convenient thing about minimal manicures is that you can always top them off. "If you've got a chip and no time to fix it, no problem," she says. "Do a glitter gradient; it's the best fix-all nail art look there is." For easy upkeep, slip a hydrating hand cream into your bag, and massage a dime-size amount into the cuticles before pushing them back; the massaging will force moisture into the cuticle and bring circulation to your fingertips, helping to repair dry skin more quickly. Leisurely: Shape Up Let's face it: most of us don't have perfectly shaped nails all the time. Enter the press-on, Hipp's favorite way to extend the nail bed for red carpet events and shoots. "The secret is in the shaping," she shares. "Clip the edges and file into a soft almond shape to flatter hands and elongate fingertips." Go for an option that's both easy to remove and long lasting - her recommendation from Kiss doesn't destroy nail beds and still manages to stay on "for five days, easy." To highlight the elegant shape, avoid going overboard with your design. Hipp suggests a half-moon manicure (which she just painted for her client, Jennifer Lawrence), or even the au naturel hues Jennifer Garner tends to favor. All the more reason to deck your hands with baubles and bracelets galore. For all the different looks click on the Refinery29]>>

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