How Does Hemp Enhance The Beauty Of Your Skin?

What are the benefits of using Hemp? Vitamin E and carotene aid in combating free radicals and a host of environmental contaminants, so the skin is sufficiently protected. Linoleic and linolenic acids have natural emollient properties to bring the most polished skin to the fore. Because these fatty acids are most closely aligned with our own lipid structure, skin’s defense against wrinkles is reinforced as moisture from the oil is easily absorbed and retained. Hemp oil’s hefty amino acid and protein content boost moisture retention for skin that defies gravity and age with grace. Many skin enhancing compounds and minerals will penetrate you pores with the use of hemp oil including: Potassium promotes cell regeneration and regulates muscle function Magnesium inhibits skin deterioration, improves circulation and stimulates healthy enzyme performance. Calcium enhances cell renewal, lipid stability and performance for anti-aging results. Sulfur excellent for treating and reducing the occurrence of acne. Phospholipids contain phosphate, fatty acid and glycerol: it is the skin’s biological moisturizer. Hemp supplements this naturally occurring skin moisture that declines with maturity. Phytosterol is a compound that stimulates collagen production according to a German skincare study reported by the National Institute of Health. With all that enrichment available in hemp seed oil, it’s well worth applying to completely revitalize and enhance the health of your skin. How is Hemp applied to skin? Hemp seed oil can now be found in organic and natural skin cleansers, lotions, butters, creams and serums. It has been reliably used as skin and facial wash that moisturizes with no greasy residue. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes flare-ups from rashes, acne and other skin irritations. As an antioxidant botanic it offers the perfect shield against the elements and UV damage from sun exposure. So don’t believe the hype about hemp. It’s plain to see that use of this wondrous botanical for skincare carries plentiful advantages, that result in softer skin with acne-free complexion and minimized signs of aging. Who could bypass all those benefits for ultra-radiant skin?]>>