How Courtney Cox Maintains Her Youthful Glow

youthful glow and wowed her audiences with natural black hair and biting attitude as Monica Geller. It should come as no surprise that she raked in $1 million per episode, making her the highest paid television actress ever in 2005 by the Guinness Book of World Records account. Now she graces the screen in “Cougar Town” which she won a Golden Globe for in her role as an adventurous single mother. The 47-year-old bedazzling actress is also moonlighting as a writer and Home editor for a new women’s beauty website from Jane and Sassy magazine founder, Jane Pratt. In Courtney’s column she discusses her beauty secrets: her $9 hair dye and her $60 ultra-hydrating foundation keep her radiantly youthful in appearance. It’s no secret that TV and film actresses like Courtney Cox have to keep their visage in top form for their audience. Constant exposure to the public and Hollywood lights can mean wear and tear for skin. So what skincare regimen does Courtney rely on to keep her face camera ready naturally? Combating Dry Skin Courtney is known to use moisturizing concealers that she switches at will depending on how dry her skin may be. She chooses top shelf skincare to achieve deep hydration for the most youthful radiance. Optimal moisture helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other associated signs of maturing skin. As this actress ages gracefully she is also mindful of how quality products can gently reverse the aging process for unrivaled radiance. Although she’s aware of the benefits of heaping glasses of H2O, Courtney also suggests a loofah or thistle brush to exfoliate away unwanted dry epidermal layers. This process helps to resurface the softer smooth skin beneath. Courtney’s Eye Care The acclaimed actress has admitted her astonishment at how many products she uses for her eyes alone. She chooses a rich eye creams that absorb easily to soften any hint of fine lines. Long thick lashes are the star’s desire, so she uses a treatment that stimulates optimal growth. From the perfect eyelash curler to age-defying eye cream that brightens her expressive orbs, Courtney cox is steadfast in maintaining her natural beauty regimen for her self-satisfaction and for the camera. Anti-aging Health and Fitness Courtney admits that it’s a “slippery slope” after 40, but she also acknowledges that diet and exercise play a huge role in staving off the signs of aging. Four times a week she works out using the Tracie Anderson method, a regimen also regaled by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. Occasionally she’ll cheat with the nuts, cheese, bread and butter, but the actress generally adheres to balanced diet low in fat. From her healthy slender figure and skin, her routine appears to be working beautifully.]>>