How can I figure out my skin type?

"It's easy. Wash your face with a cleanser designed for normal skin; rinse well, and pat dry with a soft towel. Now pick up a copy of Alan Bennett's The Uncommon Reader. It's a short, funny book, and if you're undistracted you can probably finish it in about an hour—exactly when your skin will be ready to evaluate. How does it feel? If it's tight, ashy or flaky, your complexion is dry, says Susan Taylor, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University. If you're oily only across the forehead, down the nose and on the chin, you've got combination skin; and if you need to blot your whole face with a tissue, you're oily. If your face feels irritated or slightly itchy, you likely have sensitive skin." This is cute but like I said there is an easier way to figure out your skin type. One of the easiest ways I know of and use daily when I do an assessment of a person's skin, is to look at their pore size. In my experience pore size alone determines how dry or how oily a person's skin is. If you can see your pores only on your forehead and nose you have combination skin. This is your T-Zone. If you can see your pores all over your face, then you have oily skin. Oily skin has an orange peel look. If you can’t see your pores easily you have dry skin. Normal skin has pores but they are not as pronounced as oily skin or as tiny as dry skin.]>>