How Alpha Lipoic Acids Protect Your Skin

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid? Alpha Lipoic acid is a naturally occurring organosulfur compound that is produced by our bodies. It maximizes the effectiveness and performance of cells throughout the body and skin. ALA actually boosts collagen production and restores the flow of vitamin C throughout cellular walls for a vibrant healthy visage. Connective tissue that weakens as we mature, is significantly fortified with the protection of Lipoic acid that strengthens skin overall. Natural Sources of ALA’s This natural compound can be found in the foods we include in our diets. Organ meats such as liver (preferably beef or poultry) deliver huge quantities of beneficial ALA’s for supreme skin and body health. Treat yourself to a quality duck pate that’s rich in essential lipoic acid. If the idea of eating liver turns you off completely, you can make a broth for soups instead. Should you happen to be vegetarian: brussel sprouts, peas, spinach, broccoli, and rice bran are excellent sources of Alpha Lipoic acids. Find organic varieties of these foods at your whole foods market for optimal well being of body and skin. Other benefits of ALA Alpha lipoic acid features a host of medicinal benefits such as reducing the symptoms of neuropathy in people with diabetes, reviving olfactory function (sense of smell); minimizes fatigue; and decreasing sugar damage to the body enabling cell regeneration in the process. This last point is significant in diminishing the signs of aging for a smooth youthful appearance. How to apply Alpha Lipoic acid? While you can take alpha lipoic acids orally through your diet and as a daily supplement, you can also find superior skincare products that include lipoic acids as a vital ingredient. Check in with your aesthetician when you schedule your next professional spa facial. There you will find some of the best recommendations for premium ALA skincare sources.]>>