Hot off the press

Hot off the press

Our Magic Glow Wand has received the beauty editor stamp of approval from Marie Claire Magazine.


Marie Claire beauty editor Maya Allen recently reviewed our Magic Glow Wand for her 'Worth It' series.

Our new high-tech beauty tool features four different modes with two temperature settings to revive, refresh, plump the skin for a healthy, glowing complexion in just three minutes.

"The first setting is Hot Mode, which boosts skin circulation and removes excess sebum and build-up with a deep cleanse that feels like you're under a facial steamer. The second setting, Hot +Massage Mode, does everything Hot Mode does as well as helps products like a face mask or serum penetrate deeper with massage. Cool Mode instantly soothes inflammation and calms redness. And the final setting, Cool +Massage Mode, adds the benefit of lymphatic drainage for de-puffing and shrinking the appearance of enlarged pores." - Marie Claire

Joanna recommends using a sheet or clay mask with the hot modes and a facial cream or serum with the cool modes. Turn on to your desired setting and target your area of concern for 3 minutes sweeping the device in an upwards motion.

"Surprisingly enough, my hands were not tired of holding this device by the end of it all. As promised, it is truly lightweight and stays charged for over an hour. I've already texted all of my friends about it and am plotting about how to fit it into my carry-on (once I'm traveling again) so they can see just how good my skin looks in real life." - Marie Claire