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Honey, Nature's Serum For Ageless Skin

Honey, Nature's Serum For Ageless Skin
rejuvenates the skin. If you have minor acne, honey is a good remedy to help prevent future outbreaks. Because honey is like a sponge for your skin's impurities, soaking up toxins as you rub into your skin, it is the ideal facial cleanser. From all the serums on the market, honey boasts the purest path to healthy skin that is undeniable from the first cleanse when combined with your choice of plant based castile soap. A friend of mine conducted this experiment at home and you can too. First poke around your kitchen cupboards and see if you can find a large jar of organic honey and then head for your bathroom. However, you'll also need that almond castile soap, most likely perched on your counter. Mixing a table spoon of each, then apply these wonderful natural ingredients to your skin, rubbing in gentle circular motions. After you rinse all that deliciousness off your skin with warm water, apply a moisturizer, rich with honey as it's base. Honey is that gem ingredient that retains water which makes it the perfect natural skin moisturizer. It is also known to diminish minor skin irritations and promotes radiant smooth skin. Honey assists in cell growth in skin tissue helping to heal that last booboo on your knee and preventing scars as it heals the skin. Try Manuka honey, in particular, derived from the bush of the same name found in New Zealand and Australia. The Manuka is in the tea tree family known for diminishing skin blemishes as it fights infection and bacteria for healthy skin. Here are a few of the very lovely honey-at-home recipes I have found to be luxurious spa-quality skin treatments: Milk and Honey Bath Pour a ¼ cup of your favorite organic honey in a warm bath along with 4 cups of organic goat’s milk for the silkiest skin imaginable. Add 5 drops of vanilla essential oil to fully relax yourself. Honey/Cucumber Toner Blend up 1 organic cucumber into a puree. Drain the juice and mix it with 2 teaspoons of honey then pour into a decorative bottle. You can refrigerate this concoction for up to a week. Take it out daily to apply to your face with a cotton pad. Honey-Oat Facial Scrub If you want a deep emollient cleanse for your pores mix 1tablespoon of honey with 2 tablespoons of fine organic oatmeal. Combine that with plain yogurt or lie juice to gently exfoliate as you massage this wonderfully natural mixture into your skin.]>>

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