Highly Effective Skincare Products Packed With Ingredients Found In Nature

skincare products with natural ingredients

When Joanna Vargas was pregnant with her first child, a thoughtful client gifted her a popular product to prevent stretch marks. Joanna had eagerly read about this product in beauty magazines and was excited to try it. However, upon opening the tube at home, she was taken aback by its unpleasant, kerosene-like smell. Puzzled, she inspected the ingredients and noticed a small warning: "Not to be used during pregnancy or nursing." This oversight, both by her client and herself, was a revelation.

This moment marked the beginning of Joanna’s journey into skincare. She realized the importance of understanding what goes into the products we use on our skin, especially during vulnerable times like pregnancy. Her heightened sense of smell during pregnancy had been a blessing in disguise, prompting her to delve into the science of skincare. She became determined to learn why some ingredients were effective while others were not, and what truly made a product safe and beneficial for everyday use.

After giving birth, Joanna worked closely with a nutritionist to regain her vitality through diet, discovering the benefits of juicing and green drinks. This was a time when organic food was gaining popularity, and Whole Foods markets were becoming more common. Yet, Joanna found that many so-called "organic" skincare products lacked efficacy and did not deliver noticeable results.

Inspired by these experiences, Joanna set out to create her own skincare line. She aimed to combine the best of organic ingredients with nutritional science to develop products that truly transformed the skin. Joanna’s mission was clear: to formulate safe, effective skincare that delivered visible results.

Today, Joanna Vargas is driven by her core values of integrity and efficacy. She rejects the fear-mongering and buzzwords prevalent in the "clean" beauty industry. Instead, she focuses on creating products that not only meet safety standards but also make a real difference. Joanna's commitment to quality and effectiveness ensures that when you look in the mirror each morning, you see the results of skincare crafted with care and expertise.