Halle Berry’s Ageless Beauty Secret

ageless beauty. Halle Berry has taken on both glamorous roles as Dorothy Dandridge and roles that feature her with far less physical appeal. Yet when it’s time to hit the magic red carpet, her beauty is undeniably awe-inspiring: she is gorgeously fit and flawless in every aspect of her appearance. Even on those candid camera days, she displays a natural beauty that is enviable. Maria Halle Berry was born 1966 of biracial background and since has come to represent a gorgeousness that is accessible across the fictional racial boundaries. In a country where the races are becoming more integrated, her face is one for future generations. She has maintained a strong presence in her career and the spotlight. Even after having a daughter at age 41, Halle has bounced back phenomenally as the riveting beauty that continues to grace the silver screen and the general media. How she does it you might ask? Maintaining a religious beauty, diet and fitness regimen plays a huge role. Halle Berry’s physique and expression exude confidence that comes from a thoughtful daily routine dating back to her Miss America days. Halle’s Skincare Regimen: Rather than choose plastic surgery, Halle’s mantra is to take care of what you have. Her other tips for beautiful skin: Never wear makeup to bed (that includes naps) Wear minimal makeup for a natural look that doesn’t appear weighed down. Take a day off from makeup on occasion to give your pores a break. The dazzling lady also advises to clean skin twice daily. In the morning a triple fruit acid cleanser gently exfoliates her gorgeous skin. Applying vitamin C directly to the face daily promotes epidermal health ensuring her luminous appearance. Using a light moisturizer in summer and a heavier cream in the dry winter season is the final touch in her skincare routine. Exercise the Halle Way Working out for 90 minutes 5 days a week with her trainer Harley Pasternak helps to keep this lady in fabulous toned shape. Maintaining this sweat-inducing routine is also slimming for the face, as you see in Halle’s lean toned skin. A Healthy Diet Halle Berry, who has diabetes, follows her trainer’s regimented 5 Factor diet to maintain optimal health. This lovely lady has a series of balanced meal plans she strictly follows avoiding indulgent fatty foods. With this diet you’re allowed 5 snacks a day so there’s no feeling of deprivation! Choosing a balanced diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat promotes the overall health of Ms. Berry’s body and skin. It requires discipline, but from the looks of Halle it’s clearly worth it. Maintaining beauty is a commitment that requires work and self-discipline. Devotion to a regimen can lead to amazing results.]>>