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Get the Milly Model Glow With Joanna Vargas’ Skincare Secrets!

Get the Milly Model Glow With Joanna Vargas’ Skincare Secrets! By Victoria Moorhouse Being a beauty product collector is one thing, but being completely done-up with several different makeup looks in the same day is an entire new level of cosmetic involvement. It’s the life of a model during New York Fashion Week. These gals are involved in the glam world of high fashion—and so are their pores. Skincare expert Joanna Vargas gave the NYFW Milly models’ skin a special treatment before they got to the makeup chair—a process that left their faces fresh, glowy, and nourished. milly2 “I’m prepping the models first with my Daily Serum to stimulate lymphatic drainage, hydrate without clogging the pores and oxygenate the skin to give them that glow as they walk down the runway,” says Joanna Vargas backstage at the NYFW show. joannavargas1 Joanna’s Daily Serum oxygenates the skin, while the Hydrating Cream does exactly what it says in its name. It also helps to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Anyone else screaming “YAY!”? Her third product the Rejuvenating Serum (shall we call it genius?) soothes and calms inflammation. Rocking a red lip with flawless skin is a recipe of brilliance!]>>

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