Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes And Skin

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes And Skin Since the first day I opened my salon, people have been asking me for advice on how to keep the results of the Triple Crown Facial as long lasting as possible. As we head into awards season and in honor of my clients who are Oscar nominated this year, the following are a few tips to keep the puffiness at bay and make sure your facial lasts you an entire month! The Truth About Sodium And Puffy Skin Your body needs a certain amount of sodium to function. It helps to maintain a balance of water and fluids, transmit nerve impulses and assists in muscle function. But as we all know, sodium can be our worst enemy when it comes to puffy eyes, cellulite and maintaining a slender physique. I know that some mornings I wake up feeling like I've had too much to drink without having had one sip of alcohol. This is due to excessive sodium in last nights dinner and my face always reflects the salt content by being puffy and sallow looking. In addition to esthetic issues, sodium can actually lead to serious health problems like kidney disease, high blood pressure and hypertension. The culprit? Restaurant and processed foods, not the salt we might add from the salt shaker. According to Dr. David Katz from Yale's Research and Prevention Center, some foods come with hidden sodium, his list is below. Hidden Sodium Bombs Cereal. "Pick any common brand", says Dr. Katz, "And most of them are more concentrated in salt than 50 to 60 percent of the items in the salty snack aisle." Breakfast Muffins. This is my sons favorite treat. Who knew there was sodium here? Katz says, salt is a preservative, so it extends the shelf life of products. He also said that manufacturers combine flavor categories, i.e. salty and sweet, to stimulate the appetite in the hypothalamus. "It's like Thanksgiving, when you're so stuffed you think you couldn't possibly eat another thing, but then you switch from salty to savory with pie and suddenly, you can eat again," Katz explained. "You can engineer that same thing into certain foods." Condiments. Salads are great for you but salad dressings and ketchup can be a hidden source of salt. Many of them can pack 350 mg of sodium into a two-tablespoon serving. Cottage Cheese. Most of the brands we love have up to 400mg of sodium in each serving!! Reducing the amount of salt in your foods can help you eliminate puffy skin and help you maintain a more slender physique but also improve your overall health. I Hope this little guide helps you make better choices in the foods you eat or reduce them drastically for improved health and beauty. YOUR SKIN IS EVER CHANGING AND THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE RESULTS IS IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT IN YOUR FACIALS AND SKINCARE ROUTINE. THE TRIPLE CROW RESULTS ARE CUMULATIVE!!! As always I look forward to seeing you at the salon where we can help you get your best skin yet. Call for your facial appointments NOW at 212.949.2350. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care]>>