Flowers That De-stress and Deliver Anti-Aging Results

Champaca for Stress Relief Champaca, or Michelia champaca by its scientific name, is a flowering tree native to Java, India and the Philippines. The powerfully fragrant blossoms are of the magnolia family and this will make it so easy for you to understand its use as perfume. Ornate orange, yellow or white flowers decorate this tree shrub in the spring producing a complex citrus aroma. The extracted floral oil was the featured ingredient in one of the world’s most expensive perfumes, Joy. Considered a scent in high demand, it offers a most seductive fragrance that soothes and relaxes the body. As champaca impedes depression, the relief it provides helps slacken the visual signs of stress we often wear on our faces. With reduced stress fewer fine lines and wrinkles appear in the skin. In doing, so this potent oil qualifies as the perfect natural skincare that delivers anti-aging results. The beauty of champaca as a floral essential oil is that it can be effectively combined with avocado, baobab, sesame or jojoba oils to rejuvenate and deeply moisturize your skin. In tandem with these nourishing oils this lush serum will deeply penetrate the epidermal layers to reduce dry chapped and flaking skin. Champaca as aromatherapy is an excellent way to calm the body, mind and skin. It has the added benefit of relieving headaches and vertigo. The fragrantly elegant essential oil has been used traditionally in India for just this purpose. Bulletwood Flower Oil as a Skin Cleanser Bulletwood doesn’t initially sound like a botanical you would associate with reversing the aging process. However, this tree that is native to Southeast Asia, embodies real youth enhancing properties for your skin. This lovely tree that grows 10-15 meters in height also produces fragrant white blossoms that offer hydrating oils as a quality natural skincare ingredient. The bulletwood tree is considered an auspicious one in Thai culture. This means that it is associated with good luck and fortune, while it is also used to hydrate skin and relieve feelings of depression. Essential oils from the blossoms are distilled to produce some of the most aromatic skin cleansers ad perfumes imaginable. As soap, it gently and effectively cleanses the skin as it lifts solemn moods. Its softening properties will leave skin velvety smooth. The flower extract also act as a natural astringent and tonic that cools irritated and inflamed skin conditions including rashes, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. As a medicinal plant the febrifuge properties of bulletwood help to reduce fever and regulate normal body temperature. This anthelmintic herb helps defend the body and skin against innumerable microbes and environmental parasites for superb health. Maintaining calm in our lives is one definite path to defying age. As we combat the daily stress in our lives, the floral essence of both champaca and bulletwood can help to soothe our minds for a truly graceful appearance and soft ageless skin.]>>