Five Hot Make-up Tips for Traveling in Summer Weather

Five Hot Make-up Tips for Traveling in Summer Weather
Women like to look their best even in hot, humid weather. Traveling during the summer presents even more potential problems for storage and wear of make-up. Here are some tips to keep yourself looking fabulous and enjoy carefree travel. Lighten the luggage and the look with these five top summer tips.


Many women have never used a make-up primer. They think the extra step is not worth the effort. They also worry that the additional layer will feel heavy. These misunderstandings can cause women to lose out on a valuable tool. Primer takes only seconds to apply. Put it on before foundation but after moisturizer. Primer will hold make up, and prevent it from melting even in hot climates. It keeps the wearer looking perfect all day, even on long summer trips.

Tinted Moisturizer

For those women blessed with clear skin, try ditching the foundation and use a tinted moisturizer. It will lighten your make-up case, and make your face feel light and refreshed. Tinted moisturizers do not break down in the heat and humidity as foundation can. The lighter, less made-up look works well with the casual summer looks—perfect for traveling around the globe, or just around town.

Blotting Papers

Many women think they are just for actresses. The truth is no one looks fresh with a shiny face. Eliminate that shine by blotting up excess oil and sweat once or twice a day. The papers are lightweight and slip easily into a purse or cosmetic case. Stay looking dry and fresh throughout the day with a quick touch up. A quick blot and reapplication of a shimmer powder will have a girl looking neat and fresh. Super quick and easy to do, even in the airplane restroom.

Switch to Tinted Lip Gloss

This is another excellent way to look great throughout the day. Do away with the heavy, dramatic colors and opt for a light tinted lip gloss. Avoid those with a heavy shine. Look for something subtle with sunscreen and conditioners. Sheer color works well with summer fashions and presents a fresh natural look. It also eliminates the need for lip liners and other accessories saving valuable space and weight in the purses and carry-on bags. Easy to reapply anywhere there is a mirror.

Waterproof Mascara is a Must

Face it, heavy mascaras are going to melt in the heat. By the end of the day, there is nothing left except tired, pale lashes. Smoky eyes are best situated for fall fashions. Go light and natural during summer months. Pair with two or three neutral shades of eye shadow and it is all a girl needs in her vacation arsenal.


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