Exotic Neroli Oil Is For Ageless Skin

Exotic Neroli Oil Is For Ageless Skin The 17th century Princess of Nerola and Duchess of Bracciano is said to have used the oil in her skin-silkening baths. It has since been called neroli and remains the centerpiece scent of the original everlasting perfume ‘Eau due Cologne.’ How does neroli oil benefit health? This sweet floral oil will increase your skin’s blood circulation and elasticity. Aside from the visual benefits for your skin, neroli oil is also a known natural anti-depressant because of its balancing and sedative properties. It is highly effective in treating, negative emotional states, extreme anxiety, menopausal mood swings, and insomnia. The sumptuous essential oil is infamously regarded as an aromatic aphrodisiac--appealing as a scent to both women and men. The benefits don’t end there. Neroli oil has potent compounds that enrich the body and skin. Neroli’s curative antiseptic properties expedite the healing of skin Antibacterial abilities purify the pores when applied topically Stimulates new cell growth replacing damaged and worn epidermal tissue Promotes flawless appearance as it diminishes blemishes As the oil reduces stress and hydrates it also relaxes fine lines in skin As a citrus botanical neroli is naturally fortified with replenishing vitamin C for a phenomenal age-defying glow. Ways to use neroli… This may be a costly purchase, but well worth it. You can find diluted neroli that is equally effective used in a higher dose: for the best results 6-10 drops is all that’s needed. You can also combine it with sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado or jojoba oils and use it in a relaxing bath. Apply your combined oils directly to your face and body after your luxurious soak. Take a whiff of this calming essential oil to settle nerves at those stressful moments. There are some superb skincare products, like Joanna Vargas's Rejuvenating Serums that drench the skin with vital nutrients and this much sought after exotic fragrance. However you decide to indulge yourself using this enduring fragrant oil, you skin will be noticeably more luminous with the restorative moisturizing powers of neroli oil. Neroli is one of the many fine ingredients found in the Rejuvenating Serum, used by all of Joanna Vargas celebrity clients and VIPs.]>>