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Everything From Frosty Nights To The Office Central Heating Can Wreak Your Skin

Everything From Frosty Nights To The Office Central Heating Can Wreak Your Skin
skin dehydration or lack of water, making your skin parched and dry. The results are the usual suspects in the form of: sensitive skin, red cracked lips to rough and flaky skin. moisturizeinwinter Exfoliation helps to removed dead, dry skin but you will need a hydrating serum and moisturizer to keep your complexion hydrated, refreshed, and glowing all season long. Below you will find Olivia Palermo's favorite face moisturizers she swears by. The 3 Winter Face Moisturizers Olivia Palermo Swears By Source: by Kelsey Clark Olivia Palermo possesses a certain level of gravitas when it comes to her personal style. But if her blog (and glowing complexion) is any indication, the street style darling is also adept at beauty and skincare. Most recently, Palermo took to her website to share her all-time favorite winter moisturizers for all skin types, with her picks ranging from $34 to $82. Generally speaking, she looks for "more emollient moisturizers for dry skin and hybrid gel creams for combination to oily skin," she explains. In her own words, read up on why she can't get enough of the following three products come wintertime. Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream "This gel/cream texture is great for all skin types, and you only need a dime-size amount for the entire face. Galactoarabinan, an ingredient derived from the Larch tree and a plant-based collagen, plumps dehydrated skin." Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer "Lightweight but so moisturizing for really dry skin! This moisturizer adds radiance and a glow to parched skin without feeling greasy." Honest Beauty Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer "With chamomile and calendula to calm skin, this moisturizer is a staple in my kit. Suitable for dry to combination skin, it will balance out uneven skin tone with its licorice extract over time." Head over to Olivia Palermo's blog for more, and check out the eye cream that's like the fountain of youth in a bottle next.]>>

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