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Give the Gift of Glowing Skin...5 Joanna Vargas Skincare Products that Make Great Holiday Gifts

Give the Gift of Glowing Skin...5 Joanna Vargas Skincare Products that Make Great Holiday Gifts
1. Joanna Vargas Daily Hydrating Cream: This collagen provider conditions the skin beautifully without leaving the skin greasy or oily. Heavenly lightweight and buttery, this will improve your skin’s elasticity, protect it from free radicals, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles... No one can get through the holiday season without it. 2. Joanna Vargas Revitalizing Eye Cream: The perfect pat-on-the-back-pampering treat for the ambitious girl. This multi-tasking reviver will help with puffiness with Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 while other bioactive ingredients provide essential nutrients to the delicate eye area. Give the gift of restoration for the year ahead to keep her feeling bright-eyed on-the-go. 3. Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Mask: Let her heart be light with twenty minutes of relaxation in this soothing and nurturing sheet mask. Give the gift of much-needed relief and vital nutrients to calm the skin despite the holiday hustle and bustle... This is the yoga of face masks. Five ‘sessions’ per pack. :) 4. Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar: The holidays are all about tiny miracles. Make her glow from head to toe with this extraordinary clarifying activated charcoal soap. Some of the wonders inside of this little chic bar are olive oil, shea butter, and bamboo powder: the elasticity booster that is rich in minerals. Plus, lemon and sweet orange oil add a natural fragrance to the formula. The main ingredient is charcoal, nature’s detoxifying potion that will leave her feeling pristine for a full body glow. 5. Joanna Vargas Daily Serum: The dream combo: lightweight and refreshing while providing mega-rich benefits. Stuff her stocking with a bottle of instant holiday glow that temporarily lifts the skin and evens skin tone. This transformative cream will bring her skin from dull to radiant with high potency antioxidants and vitamins. Give the gift of youthful glow with vitamin A, E, C, and F to take the success of her daily skincare regime to the next level. What a way to enter the new year... Stocking stuffers are a great opportunity to encourage wellness and healthy habits. Joanna Vargas skincare provides plant-based products where science meets nature to deliver incomparable results. Take her wellness and pampering routine to a level of luxury this year... Happy Holidays from the beauty industry’s guru with a deep connection to mother nature.]>>

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